Email all elected Fremantle Councillors, the Mayor and the Hon. Simone McGurk NOW!

Tell them how safety on Hampton Road and Ord Street is affecting YOU as a resident, pedestrian and cyclist.

We need your support

We have a vision for Hampton Road and Ord Street that would see it evolve to be one of Fremantle’s premier boulevards – one that is renowned for pedestrian and cyclist safety, the priority it affords them, the beauty and amenity of its streetscape and historic buildings and the level of integration and access it provides for all to adjacent community assets and facilities.  See our Vision page for more details and our Progress page for changes that are happening and planned.

But to get significant change of issues affecting this road, we need your help and support!

  • Are you a resident, pedestrian or cyclist who lives on or uses Hampton Road or Ord Street?
  • Do you care about safety on Hampton Road / Ord Street?
  • Are you sick and tired of being abused and yelled at as a pedestrian for just trying to cross the road? Especially when you have a green walk sign or have legal right of way?
  • Do you want to see changes on Hampton Road / Ord Street?

We do. We want Hampton and Ord to be a pedestrian priority road and not a vehicle priority road. Please get in touch with Friends of Hampton and Ord (FoHO) so we can keep you up to date with what is happening and help us achieve real change.

Why pedestrian safety needs to be a priority

  • Hampton and Ord is a dangerous and costly barrier through the heart of Fremantle.
  • It has become the de-facto Fremantle Eastern Bypass.
  • It carries an enormous amount of traffic including too many heavy vehicles.
  • This is not appropriate for a residential street with several schools, local shops and homes.

In total, along all of Hampton Road and Ord Street (south) there are 18 BLACK SPOT intersections, costing the community nearly $13.5 million over 5 years. (More data on this on on our Issues page.)

Pedestrians currently come a long last. Apart from some signalised intersections (which still have issues) and at school times when there are traffic wardens, there is no provision made to help pedestrians safely cross the road.

This has had significant consequences near the shops at South Fremantle, where two children were hit by cars crossing Hampton outside of school times. Steps were being taken by City of Fremantle to address this particular issue at South Fremantle by installing pedestrian lights, but Mayor Brad Pettit and Councillor Andrew Sullivan informed the South Fremantle Precinct meeting in May 2018 that:  MAIN ROADS HAVE SAID “NO” TO PEDESTRIAN LIGHTS ON HAMPTON at the crossing near South Fremantle (IGA/Peaches)! The reason given was that “pedestrian lights will impede the flow of traffic“.

If this is correct, then it’s outrageous.

Email your experiences of safety issues to all Fremantle Councillors and our State Government member (Hon. Simone McGurk) and ask them to get serious about addressing pedestrian safety on Hampton and Ord. (note: clicking this link will generate a blank email that will be addressed and be sent to all elected Fremantle Councillors, The Mayor as well as the Hon. Simone McGurk.)

What are the best practices that WA should be using for pedestrian facilities?

The 2017 publication Planning and designing for pedestrians :  guidelines outlines best practice for the design and construction of pedestrian facilities in WA.

Are Main Roads able to override recommended best practices and facilities for pedestrians? Do they have the ‘last and final say’ irrespective of what the Guidelines and Best Practices would indicate as being appropriate from a road safety perspective and from the perspective of encouraging safe walkable community connections that would encourage active forms of travel (walking, cycling) which are proven to have enormous health and economic benefits?

In keeping with Council’s published Transport Priorities and with the WA State Government’s “Towards Zero” road safety strategy, it is incumbent on Fremantle Council and the State Government to put the safety of residents, pedestrians and cyclists first.

Why should pedestrians get priority and protection?

What we would like to see and what we think is appropriate for ALL of Hampton / Ord is that the City of Fremantle makes good the words on page 14 in it’s published Integrated Transport Strategy 2015, where it clearly sets out the priority of transport modes in Fremantle. Number 1 priority are pedestrians and last are private cars. It is also stated that:

  • It is the City’s responsibility to provide people with streets that are safe, connected and vibrant.
  • The creation of walking and cycle friendly neighborhoods and communities will provide increased opportunities for people of all ages to engage in active transport for journeys to and from school, work, friends, chores and leisure activities.
  • Progressive cities across the world are improving the safety and amenity of walking and cycling. Fremantle aims to be a leader in this field.

Hampton Road and Ord Street are clear cases where this is not the case now.

Justification for why pedestrian lights should be the ONLY solution for the section of Hampton Road outside the South Fremantle shops can be found in  “Safe Crossing on Hampton Road?” a submission made to Fremantle Council in December 2017, as well as the Councils formal response to the questions raised. It was after this December 2017 meeting that Fremantle Council began pursuing pedestrian lights as the preferred solution but, as stated above, MAIN ROADS HAVE NOW SAID “NO” and it appears the all that will happen is that the same unprotected pedestrian crossing will be moved away from the intersection.

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