Hampton Road and Ord Street

Where is Hampton Road and Ord Street?

Hampton Road and Ord Street runs through the heart of Fremantle – see map below, connecting many local shops, schools, historical and recreational facilities. It is very close to the beaches and cafes of South Fremantle at its southern end, and close to Fremantle CBD, Fremantle Port and the Swan River at its northern end.


Hampton Road to the north of South St becomes Ord Street approximately 200 metres before the intersection with High St and continues as Ord Street down past Fremantle Park, John Curtin College, the Arts Centre and the Leisure Centre.

Hampton Road changes classification at South Street, being a Local Distributor to the north (the same as Ord St) and a Distributor A to the south.

These differing road classifications determine what is allowable / possible for each section of road in terms of traffic speeds, pedestrian crossings, traffic calming etc.  

More information on the WA Main Roads road hierarchy  is available from this Main Roads document (pdf).

Road Classification of Ord St and Hampton (North)

Ord Street and Hampton (North) are designated as “Local Distributors”. See map below taken from Main Roads : https://mrapps.mainroads.wa.gov.au/publicmaps/rim where all Local Distributors are marked in orange.


A Local Distributor is the 2nd lowest category of road in WA and is the responsibility of Local Government (ie Fremantle Council).


Road Classification of Hampton (South)

Hampton (South) is designated as  a “Distributor A”. See map below taken from Main Roads : https://mrapps.mainroads.wa.gov.au/publicmaps/rim where all Distributor A roads are marked in green.


A Distributor A road is the 2nd highest category of road in WA but is still the responsibility of Local Government (ie Fremantle Council).

Furthermore, Hampton Road to the south of South St performs the role of a transit corridor, having 2 lanes of traffic and 2 additional bus lanes. This road classification and configuration make it extremely problematic and dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

Who is responsible for managing Hampton Road and Ord Street?

The following are quotes from a letter from the then Minister for Transport, Bill Marmion in 2016:

Hampton Road / Ord Street is a local government road under the care and control of the City of Fremantle and as such Fremantle Council is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of this road.”

“Main Roads WA is responsible for the installation and maintenance of regulatory signs and pavement markings on local roads and is also the authority responsible for determining speed zones on roads within Western Australia.”

“Any proposals for modification of regulatory signs and pavement markings including traffic calming devices should be agreed by Council in the first instance and Main Roads provides any technical assistance required.

Is Hampton Road and Ord Street part of a State Route?

Yes. It is part of State Route 12 (SR12) which runs the start of Queen Victoria Street in North Fremantle in the north to Naval Base in the south where it joins National Route 1 (Stock Road).

Do we want changes to the current definition of SR12?

Yes. We believe the current SR definition is out of date and needs to be reviewed. We believe the current designation of Hampton Road and Ord Street as part of State Route 12 (SR12) is contributing to its inappropriate use as a regional distributor for through traffic to bypass Fremantle.

What signage is currently used to direct traffic to use Hampton Road and Ord Street?

Traffic from east of Fremantle on South Street is directed north down the full length of Hampton Road, Ord Street and James Street (almost back to the Fremantle Traffic Bridge) before being directed to turn south towards “[Fremantle] City Centre” at the intersection of James Street and Queen Victoria St.

Traffic from the NORTH of Fremantle is directed south from Queen Victoria Street along James Street, Ord St, Hampton Road and Cockburn Road to Rockingham, even though at the start of Queen Victoria Street in North Fremantle, traffic is directed to Rockingham via SR5, and at other nearby locations, traffic to Rockingham is directed to National Route 1 (NR1) Stock Road from SR7 – Leach Highway.

When travelling south, there is NO signage directing traffic east or west from Ord Street or Hampton Road at any of the major intersections to any destination within or outside of Fremantle. This includes the intersections with High Street (SR7 : High Street west (a Distributor A and then Primary Distributor road which becomes Leach Highway : also a Primary Distributor), South Street (SR13 : a Distributor A road and the Primary Distributor Road to the east and a Distributor B road to the west), Douro Road to the west (a Distributor B road) and Rockingham Road to the east (a Distributor A road).

The first signage is nearly seven kilometres south of Fremantle Bridge at Coogee where Cockburn Road joins Spearwood Avenue at which point traffic is directed east to Armadale (SR14: a Distributor B road) or straight ahead via SR12 to Henderson.

Do we want a change in signage?

Yes. We believe current signage is out of date and needs to be reviewed and replaced, in conjunction with review and changes to SR12, SR5 and SR6 State Routes. We believe that existing signage leading to Fremantle biases traffic flows to use this section of road. We have a separate document that provides more details on this.

Are container trucks permitted to use Hampton Road and Ord Street?

Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) are explicitly banned, however heavy vehicles less than 19m long (for a combination truck) or less than 12.5 m long (for a rigid truck) and under 42.5 tonnes Gross Combination Mass ARE currently permitted, even though this is clearly inappropriate and in contradiction to the criteria for a Local Distributor that states “trucks are to be discouraged”.

What do we want to see changed?

We want a ban on all container trucks, as is the case for South Street. They are not appropriate for a Local Distributor Road such as Hampton Road and Ord Street. Container trucks are banned on South Street even though South Street is a significantly higher classification of road under the Road Hierarchy.

What roads would container trucks use instead of Hampton Road and Ord Street?

Container trucks and through traffic should use Stock Road/Leach Highway/Stirling Highway.

Why is this site seeming to focus on just one part of Hampton Road and Ord Street?

Much of the information on this site (so far) relates to the 1.5kms of Hampton (north) and Ord between South St and High Street.

This is partly historical and partly pragmatic.  The historical relates to the fact that a Hampton Road Working Group (HRWG) was formed in 2017 under the auspices of the South City Precinct with the aim of having this section of Hampton / Ord ‘calmed, beautified and connected‘.  This focus and work of the HRWG is still continuing with a prime emphasis being on safety, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.  More information about this is in the Vision pages of this website. The pragmatic relates to the differing road classifications and functions as noted above, plus changes in Wards, Precincts and Suburbs at the boundary with South Street.

This section of Hampton / Ord originally of interest to the HRWG is bounded in the south by the commercial / health precinct between South and Wray, and to the north at the intersection of Ord and High, by the historically significant prison / heritage precinct – including linkages to nearby Monument Hill.

In 2017 traffic calming measures were applied to the northern section of Ord Street and it already has a rather stately presence with its broad vegetated median, large mature trees and traversing as it does through mostly parkland and non-residential areas past Samson House and the Arts Centre.  The focus of the HRWG is to build on and extend the natural and historical connections and recent road calming measures that have been implemented on Ord north of High St.

Obviously both Hampton Road and Ord Street continue beyond South and High and many members of HRWG and FoHO live in these areas.  It doesn’t mean there is no interest in what is happening elsewhere, nor that there won’t be future campaigning to take in more of Hampton and Ord.

In fact what we would like to see and what we think is appropriate for ALL of Hampton / Ord is that the City of Fremantle makes good the words on page 14 in it’s published Integrated Transport Strategy 2015, where it clearly sets out the priority of transport modes in Fremantle. Number 1 priority are pedestrians and last are private cars. In the Integrated Transport Strategy, it is also stated:

  • It is the City’s responsibility to provide people with streets that are safe, connected and vibrant.
  • The creation of walking and cycle friendly neighborhoods and communities will provide increased opportunities for people of all ages to engage in active transport for journeys to and from school, work, friends, chores and leisure activities.
  • Progressive cities across the world are improving the safety and amenity of walking and cycling. Fremantle aims to be a leader in this field.

Hampton Road and Ord Street are clear cases where this is not the case now.

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