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Progress toward changes to Hampton Road and Ord Street is happening

In mid 2017, traffic calming measures were applied to the northern section of Ord Street, between High Street and Queen Victoria Street – adjacent to the John Curtin College, Fremantle Park , Fremantle Arts Centre and Fremantle Leisure Centre.  These measures have significantly improved the safety and amenity of this section of Ord Street. They have also achieved the desired effect in slowing the traffic speeds, as can be seen in the data collected by the permanent MetroCount counter installed on Ord Street.

In late 2017, as part of the resurfacing of the section of Hampton Road between Wray Ave and Fothergill, the following improvements were able to be incorporated, thanks to the work of Councillor Rachel Pemberton and the co-operation of staff from City of Fremantle:

  • Smoother quieter asphalt
  • Two wider pedestrian refuges at Stevens St intersection
  • Red coloured median strips and bike lanes
  • Green bike lanes at intersections

Prior to this, changes were made to the intersection layout and to provide pedestrian lights where none previously existed at the intersections of:

  • Hampton and Wray (2017)
  • Ord and High (2016)

Also in 2017, the Council made changes to the junction at Hampton / Ord / Stirling to address the high number of accidents at this intersection.

What else is planned?

City of Fremantle have several projects planned or in progress along Hampton Road and Ord Street, including:

  • More trees planned for winter in Hampton north and Hampton south (winter 2018).
  • Upgrades to Hampton Road / South Street intersection to provide pedestrian priority and address the high crash history at this intersection (2019/2020). Fremantle Council have applied for $600,000 Federal Black Spot funding to address this intersection. In early 2018 the Council commissioned a Safety Audit of Hampton Road / South Street intersection as part of this application.

Details of what the City of Fremantle’s Infrastructure Team have carried out in 2017/18 and what they are working on for 2018/19 and 2019/20 in relation to the full length of Hampton Road are described in the presentation by Council staff made to the South City Precinct meeting in February 2018.

Further opportunities

Planned resurfacing in 2019/20

The planned resurfacing of Hampton and Ord in 2019/2020 is between Fothergill St and the intersection at Ord and High Street provides the opportunity for additional works to be carried out at the same time to :

  • improve safety for north-bound cyclists at the Ord / High intersection in the otherwise excellent on-road bike lanes, which are being increasingly used and appreciated by residents from Fremantle, Beaconsfield and South Fremantle who find it a quick way to cycle to the Hospital, the Leisure Centre, the Arts Centre and beyond.
  • redefine the large asphalted expanse of roadway, bike lanes and road reserve adjoining Hampton Reserve at the back of the Prison to maximise safety for all, especially cyclists and pedestrians, by widening the pedestrian refuges, narrowing the traffic lanes and providing a fully segregated, protected bike lane.

What is possible here, is similar to the innovative project currently underway by Cockburn Council for Rockingham Road – where they are essentially redrawing and re-configuring the road space available to provide 3m wide protected shared bike / pedestrian paths, wide mid-road medians and pedestrian refuges and reducing overall space given to vehicular traffic, sending a clear signal that pedestrians and cyclists are a priority.

For more information on these additional works, please see : the submission made by the Hampton Road Working Group to a recent Fremantle Council meeting (pdf).

How is this work on Hampton Road and Ord Street happening?

Some of the above work has been scheduled and undertaken by City of Fremantle as part of its ongoing maintenance of roads such as Hampton and Ord.

Some has been initiated by Councillor Rachel Pemberton, one of the City Ward Councillors, based on feedback she received while door knocking in 2015.

Some has been as a consequence of lobbying by community members who are now part of the Hampton Road Working Group (HRWG),  in co-operation with Fremantle Council staff and elected members, in particular Councillor Rachel Pemberton. The HRWG was formed under the auspices of the South City Precinct in December 2017.

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