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Hampton Road / Ord Street is dangerous for residents, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. It has become the de-facto Fremantle Eastern Bypass. It carries an enormous amount of traffic including too many heavy vehicles.

This is not appropriate for a residential street with several schools, local shops and homes.

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Crashes and costs

In total, along all of Hampton Road and Ord Street (south) there are 13 BLACK SPOT intersections, costing the community nearly $13.5 million over 5 years.

Crashes and costs – Hampton (north) and Ord (south)

Hampton (north) and Ord (south) has cost the community nearly $8.5 million in 5 years to December 2016.  See the Table below.

Seven of the nine intersections below are BLACK SPOT intersections. The intersection of Hampton and South is Fremantle’s 2nd worst intersection in terms of number of crashes.

Five year crash data to December 2016. Data taken from Main Roads.


Note : changes have been made to 3 of the above intersections – Hampton and Wray, Hampton/Stirling/Ord and High and Ord since 2016 so hopefully these have improved.

Crashes and costs – Hampton (south)

Hampton (south) has cost the community nearly $5 million in 5 years to December 2016.  See the Table below. Six of the nine intersections below are BLACK SPOT intersections.


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A long history of safety issues

Safety issues on Hampton and Ord are not new. Below are some articles from local newspapers and other sources that attest to the long-standing issues with this road.

“They’re back!: Hampton trucks back”  August 2012: Fremantle Herald

“Truck ban bid” September 2015 : Fremantle Herald

“Can we get container trucks off Hampton Road?” September 2015 : Rachel Pemberton blog

Stuck in the Middle December 2015 : Fremantle Herald

“Calls for action on Hampton Crossing” : May 2016: Fremantle Herald

“Black spots targeted” July 2016 : Fremantle Herald

“Crossing guard spits it” July 2016 : Fremantle Herald

“A safer Hampton Road is a step closer” : October 2016 : Rachel Pemberton blog

“Hampton a Horror” December 2016 : Fremantle Herald

“Road safety pledge”  March 2017 : Fremantle Herald

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Traffic Mix and Volumes Ord St and Hampton North

The volume and mix of traffic on Hampton Rd north of South St is significantly greater than the recommended max of 6,000 vpd with minimal heavy vehicles for a Local Distributor.

Traffic data is available from  Main Roads Traffic Digest 2012/13 to 2017/18 (pdf).  This document has been recently published and now includes data for 2017/18. Another great interactive version of traffic data including speed data is also available from Main Roads TrafficMap site.

Volumes of traffic south of Knutsford (ie where Hampton becomes Ord St), show a slight but welcome downward trend in terms of total vpd. In 2014/15 , there were 22,000 vpd of which 6.6 % (1452) were heavy vehicles. In 2016/17 there were 20,990 vpd of which 5% (1049) were heavy vehicles, which seems low compared to other stats for heavy vehicles on adjoining sections of Hampton / Ord.

For the first time data is also available for the sections of Ord Street north and south of the intersection with High Street. To the south of the intersection, there were 20,370 vpd in 2017/18 of which 7.4% (1507) were heavy vehicles.  To the north of intersection of Ord and High, there were 12,770 vpd in 2017/18 of which 7.5% (957) were heavy vehicles. This difference in through traffic reflects vehicles turning right at the intersection onto High Street.

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Container trucks

Hampton and Ord are being used inappropriately for freight trucks to get to and from the Port from South of Fremantle.  This route, through a residential area fronting shops, schools and homes is not appropriate for such massive vehicles (up to 43 tonnes). It is not the preferred route of City of Fremantle.

Why are they using Hampton / Ord?

There are access issues south of Fremantle near Henderson that result in trucks inappropriately using Cockburn Rd /Hampton / Ord in preference to Stock Rd.


We would like the State Government and Main Roads to investigate and resolve these issues south of Fremantle near Henderson that result in trucks using Cockburn Rd /Hampton/Ord in preference to Stock Road.

More information about container (freight) trucks and the efforts City of Fremantle took in 2016 in the leadup to installing speed bumps on Ord Street (north) is contained in :

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We believe the speed limit on Hampton and Ord should be reduced to 50kph and in some areas such as through defined shopping precincts and adjacent to schools to 40kph.

The image below the relationship between speed and active travel behaviors. Image taken from the publication “Safe speed: promoting safe walking and cycling by reducing traffic speed” by Dr Jan Garrard.


Speed is at the heart of road safety for vulnerable (unprotected) road users – ie pedestrians and cyclists, as can be seen in the image below from Austroads. If hit by a car going 50kph, pedestrians and cyclists have less than 50% chance of survival.  At 60 kph their chance of survival is just 15%.

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Surrounding Infill

State Government directed urban infill is planned and underway to the north, south, east and west of Hampton / Ord as outlined below.  This potentially will cause an enormous increase in traffic.

What’s planned to the east?

Knutsford – the area shaded in light green below, between Swanbourne St and Montreal St.


Whats planned to the west?

Fremantle Oval redevelopment.


What’s planned to the south?

Shoreline – between South Fremantle and Coogee with a planned 10,000 new residents. This is already well underway!


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Cockburn Coast Drive

Below are some more images of what is planned as part of the Cockburn Coast. Note the future “Cockburn Coast Drive” (freeway) marked in white to the east of the new developments to the South.


And the vision below for Cockburn Road. Looks very different to now doesn’t it?


That’s because the the Cockburn Coast Drive is planned to bypass Shoreline and North Coogee. It can be better imagined when one looks at the MRS plan below which shows the ‘road reserve’ for this freeway in red :


Where does the proposed Cockburn Coast Drive join up when it gets to Fremantle?

See below for the  obvious ‘gap’ between the red line to the south (Cockburn Coast Drive) to the red line to the north (Stirling Highway) – exactly where the Fremantle Eastern Bypass was to have been.  That’s right, there is now nothing.


For more information about the Cockburn Coast, please see Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1180/41 Cockburn Coast District Structure Plan (pdf).
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Is Hampton / Ord the defacto Fremantle Eastern Bypass?

The map below is from 1980. It shows Hampton / Ord as a Local Distributor (circled in green). It also shows the then planned Fremantle Eastern bypass (circled in red).


Fast forward to 2018 and we have the following – see below. No Fremantle Eastern Bypass and all traffic being funneled through Hampton / Ord, causing problems for everyone – drivers, residents, cyclists and pedestrians.


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Comparison of travel distances and times

We thought it would be interesting to compare various alternative routes north and south of Hampton and Ord to see what was the difference in distances and travel times.  Data is based on Google maps travel and distance times.

In all scenarios, Hampton Rd was shorther in distance (ranging from 1.1kms to 2kms – depending on direction of travel and start/end points) but was equal or slower in travel time.

Scenario 1: Going south from Nth Freo to Naval Base

  • 28 mins using Hampton Rd vs 26 mins using Stirling High Stock Rd
  • Hampton Rd shorter but 2 minutes slower


Scenario 2: Going north from Naval Base to Nth Freo

  • 27 mins using Hampton Rd vs 26 mins using Stirling High Stock Rd
  • Hampton Rd shorter but 1 minutes slower


For more information and more scenarios please view or download 2017 Travel  times and distances – comparison of routes (pdf)

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State Routes (SR) and signs – confusing and out of date

A State Route is a way-finding designation between and within cities and towns in WA. It is commonly seen as a white number on a blue shield.

Hampton Road / Ord Street are part of State Route 12 (SR12) which runs from the start of Queen Victoria Street in North Fremantle in the north to Naval Base in the south where it joins National Route 1 (Stock Road).

We believe the current SR definition is out of date and needs to be reviewed. The  designation of Hampton Road / Ord Street as part of State Route 12 (SR12) is contributing to its inappropriate use as a regional distributor for through traffic to bypass Fremantle.

SR12 Way-finding signage – in need of review and replacement

The current signage is also out of date and needs to be replaced, in conjunction with review and changes to SR12, SR5 and SR6 State Routes.

In the map below:

  • black arrows shows south-bound traffic being directed to Rockingham via SR5 (which ends at junction of Leach Hwy and Stirling Hwy!), SR12 (via James/Ord/Hampton), SR7 (Leach Hwy) and NR1 (Stock Road).
  • red arrows show traffic being directed to “City Centre” – we presume Fremantle City Centre.

All traffic from the south and east is directed north down Hampton / Ord / James – almost back to the Fremantle traffic bridge, before being directed to turn south towards “City Centre” at the intersection of James Street / Queen Victoria St!


All in all it is VERY confusing.


When travelling south on Ord Street and Hampton Road, there is NO signage directing traffic east or west at any of the major intersections to any destination within or outside of Fremantle.

This includes the intersections with High Street / Leach Hwy (SR7), South Street (SR13), Douro Road and Rockingham Road.

The first signage is nearly seven kilometres south of Fremantle Bridge at Coogee where Cockburn Road joins Spearwood Avenue at which point traffic is directed east to Armadale (SR14) or straight ahead via SR12 to Henderson.

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